PROMPT of the DAY: Design your dream vacation postcard using AI

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Instructions to our readers:

Focused on the cabin itself, showing warm light spilling from its windows by the calm lake, with a partially submerged canoe and a small group of deer nearby.
  1. Imagine your ideal holiday destination.
  2. Use descriptive words to outline the scene, whether it’s a serene beach, a bustling cityscape, or a peaceful mountain retreat.
  3. Specify elements like time of day, weather, and any particular landmarks or items that make the place unique.
  4. Encourage creativity in adding personal touches such as a fictional event happening in the background or local wildlife interacting with the environment.
  5. Share your AI-generated postcard visuals on social media or within our community forum to inspire others and discuss the creative process.
This scene features a cozy wooden cabin nestled among tall pine trees by a reflective mountain lake, with a group of deer interacting with picnickers in colourful attire.

Here is an example of a descriptive prompt for the above:

Imagine a serene mountain retreat as the setting for your ideal holiday destination. Picture this scene at dusk, with the golden hues of the setting sun casting a warm glow over a rugged mountain landscape. The sky is a brilliant canvas of oranges and purples, transitioning into the soft blues of early evening.

In the foreground, a small, cozy wooden cabin with smoke gently curling up from its chimney nestles among tall pine trees, hinting at a warm, inviting fire inside. Nearby, a clear mountain lake reflects the stunning sky and mountains, adding a mirror-like quality to the scene. An old wooden canoe rests on the shore, half on land, half in the water, suggesting recent enjoyment of the lake’s tranquility.

Add a touch of whimsy with a fictional event: a group of deer, gently illuminated by the last rays of sun, wandering into the scene, interacting peacefully with a small gathering of people enjoying a quiet picnic near the water’s edge. These locals are dressed in colorful traditional attire, adding a vibrant contrast to the natural tones of the setting.

Incorporate local wildlife, like a family of eagles soaring high above, their calls echoing across the valley, creating a sense of freedom and wildness. On the lake, a pair of swans glides gracefully, undisturbed by the human presence.

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